The Marquise Movement or MARQUISE as it is affectionately referred to has been inspired by two simple ideas: Diamonds and Community.

Diamonds are undeniably strong and feminine; yet are formed out of coal into the beautiful stone as a result of pressure. What a metaphor for life.
A Community or Movement can be defined by a group of people in the same place sharing common view points or working towards similar goals.
This is the premise of The Marquise Movement in a nutshell. An environment of like-minded women supporting each other to be their best physically, mentally and socially.

We provide a safe + supportive training environment for women of all ages, sizes and abilities. There is no pre- requisite to training at The Marquise Movement other than effort. We educate and support our ladies to try new things and we cheer them on when they do it. Because we know and believe that they can. Gone are the days when women were confined to the Aerobics studio. Our women lift weights, utilise gymnastics and body weight movements in each and every class. No class is ever the same. We don’t measure calories or believe in shreds and quick, unsustainable fixes. We do measure effort, performance and weight on the bar as indicators of success. This is a lifestyle not a fad.

Our members value their health + fitness and enjoy the wide variety of skills + movements that we throw at them on a daily basis. It’s that sense of being back in a team sport environment. All women working through the same workout, striving for the same outcome yet it’s the individual performance that is critical. We love, laugh + support one another through the best days of your life and sometimes the worst.

That’s the beauty of The Marquise Movement. It is community displayed in the purest of forms. Women supporting women. Simple. The exercise is the foundation upon which we come together, but it is the women that are the glue.


“I started at The Marquise Movement about 12 months ago and was nervous about joining, as it was a big step out of my comfort zone.  I needn’t have worried – the environment is non-intimidating, positive and extremely supportive.  Chelsea and her coaches are attentive and knowledgeable and there is a focus on perfecting technique, improving mobility and goal-setting, which has been really great for me. I love the wonderful camaraderie amongst the women I’m training with, and no two workouts are ever the same.  No matter what your ability or fitness level, no one judges you and everyone is willing to help and cheer you on. I have learnt so much and gained a level of overall strength (both physical and mental) that I didn’t think was possible” – Nicole

“A little over two years ago I walked into the Marquise Movement, not knowing what to expect but desiring to live a healthier life.I had experienced a shoulder injury and wanted to gain strength and mobility so I could live pain-free. What occurred once I started attending was incredible. I found a place to belong, I found a place to work hard, learn new skills and be encouraged.The support, compassion and kindness I experience each day at the gym encourages me to be the best version of myself. I have found even if something is hard it doesn’t mean I cease trying but I practice the skills and continue to give my best at every opportunity. Working to be healthy and kind go hand in hand at The Marquise Movement. My life is ALL the better because of this gym” – Melody

“I was initially concerned about starting at The Marquise Movement because I wasn’t very fit, however, I liked the idea of an all-female training facility with small group sizes, where I knew I would be kept accountable to work hard. Since day one I have always felt welcomed and encouraged by the coaches and other members, regardless of my fitness level. During one of my first classes when I was struggling to keep going I had two women, who I hardly knew, get beside me and encourage me to continue. They also completed the rest of my workout with me – even though they had already finished it!! This is just one example, of many, which demonstrates the Marquise atmosphere. You are always welcome, you are always encouraged and, in turn, you are always motivated to give it your best” –Jess

“Absolutely! I was sure that I wasn’t fit enough to start this …
Absolutely! I was sure that I wouldn’t know what to do ….
Absolutely! I was sure I’d go once and decide it wasn’t for me ….
Absolutely! I was sure it would be just too hard …..
But you know what deciding to just walk into Marquise and be embraced by those pink walls and all they are is ABSOLUTELY one of the best things I have ever done .
Like me you may not always be the youngest , fastest or strongest … but what Chelsea and all the girls at Marquise celebrate is the effort and determination .
I appreciate and look forward to every minute that I get to spend at Marquise.
I am absolutely so happy and proud of myself that I did walk through those doors … I hope you do too” -Emma


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