It’s funny how sometimes the smallest people in our lives can provide the most clarity. Since having my beautiful daughter Stevie I have been gifted with a renewed focus for what Marquise stands for. Now I’m not saying that having a baby is mandatory for this kind of perspective shift. There are amazing women out there who choose not to have babes and some women who cant.  For me, Stevie has solidified the person who I want to be and the business I want to run.
I feel a very strong sense of responsibility to truly provide an environment that empowers local women to be the best they can be. That does not just mean being a role model for our younger members. It means setting a precedent for all our women, of all ages. To inspire and support. The legacy we leave for the younger generation is strong if they are looking in the right place. However, there are still women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s finding themselves and the person they want to be. In my opinion, they too need and are seeking strong female role models.

So my job as the woman who dreamed up this beautiful beast nearly 5 years ago, is to truly walk the walk and speak the truth.
Writing a regular blog was not something that I previously saw as a part of my job. Probably because I believed that my opinions weren’t of any interest to anyone.
Ironically, I tell all of the ladies in our gym the importance of valuing themselves, their thoughts, opinions and worth. So I have taken this perspective shift on board. I believe that in sharing my thoughts and philosophy it can show the personality of Marquise and hopefully strike a cord with more women. At the end of the day, the more women we welcome into our pink walls the more opportunity I have to help them. Put simply, this is all I ever set out to do.

Being called an inspiration is something that sits quite uneasily with me. I like to think of it as leading by example. As I watch Stevie forever try to master new skills and often fail. Yet try again. And again. I appreciate the incredible resilience that little ones have. Somewhere along the way, that is lost as we get older. What would I say to my daughter if I saw her shying away from her goals or dreams? What would I do if I saw her being someone that she is not? How do we teach the most important lessons to those who are so special? The lesson I feel is most valid is to be your authentic self. Don’t shy away from it. Be YOU. There is no other person quite like you in the world.


So why do we allow our adult selves to get away with anything less than 100% authenticity??


Our gym is in the middle of a world wide online competition right now. I am not at my fittest and I am not at my strongest. I am in it to show our ladies that giving your best effort and the courage it takes to do that outweighs any score. Being a part of an event in an environment that I created is MY DREAM. Doing it with the women that have shown me such love and support is MAGICAL. I move with a renewed vigour for my health. By doing something just for me. You see when you feel strong + well in yourself, that flows on into other facets of your life. Family, friends, work. So I now move with the most important set of eyes on me and that responsibility certainly isn’t lost.

One of our amazing members has previously described having her children as “having witnesses in your life to keep you accountable”. What an incredible thought!! This means more to me now than ever before. As the mother of a daughter, it is critical to truly show her the way forward. Children learn so much from what they see.


So here I stand (a little nervous if I am going to be honest) ready to lead by example. To show that effort, resilience + discipline are the cornerstone to success. To show that kindness in business is possible and necessary. To appreciate all the incredible people in my life that have shaped the person I have become. To live passionately and never forget the value of play. To value your health and your self.


I believe this gym can provide local women of all ages and abilities everything RIGHT NOW that I hope Stevie can find as she gets older. A gym that prioritises above all else it’s members. An environment that is challenging and nurturing at the same time. This place, MARQUISE, its like no other. Beware ladies, because the woman that walks in the door on the first day does not hang around for long. She evolves, she strengthens and she shines.

Special shout out to my amazing daughter, who in 6 short months has taught me more about myself than I could have ever expected. You my girl INSPIRE ME every day to be the best I can. Not just for you, but for me.