Chelsea || Owner + Head Coach


If you asked me when I was a little girl or even in high school what I would do when I was older, being a personal trainer would not have been the answer; let alone the owner of a gym. It is my own personal health and fitness journey that has landed me where I am today and I couldn’t be happier to have created the beautiful space that is The Marquise Movement.

I was always an active kid and played whatever team sports I could. Netball, Touch Football, Soccer, Hockey. You name it, I probably played it. Like most teenagers, sports and exercise took a back seat to part-time work, study and socialising. Without realising my focus became more about how I looked and not my health and what my body could do. The fun in moving my body was gone and replaced with needing to move to look a certain way. After many years of either not really moving at all or punishing myself with multiple hours + classes at our local gym, my husband encouraged me to come along with him to a new strength + conditioning gym.

It took 6 months for me to work up the courage to go myself. I had heard so many stories of these incredibly fit, strong people and I was so scared I would be a laughing stock. The best thing that happened when I walked in to enquire was the female owner of the business recognised me and from then on she made me feel comfortable and at home in this new gym.

I couldn’t believe how fit these people were…. Not just the guys but the girls. Strong was something that I never considered a women could be until I started this type of training. Strength training, gymnastics and conditioning all packaged together for challenging workout after challenging workout. It was hard but so good. I was hooked. There were really all walks of life in this gym and everyone interacted. It was fitness like I had never experienced. It was a throwback to the team sport environment I loved so much.

For the first time in my life I was proud of what my body could do. I enjoyed being fit + strong and I wanted to share that with others. I have a range of experiences within the healthcare industry. I studied my Bachelor of Nursing and worked in Coronary and Intensive Care Units for 5 years after graduating. From there I went on to work for a pharmaceutical company. This presented a wonderful learning opportunity but ultimately a lot of challenges. For my entire adult working life I have been involved in health. Now I get to work at the prevention end of the scale. Something far more rewarding than trying to fix a problem is preventing that same problem from occurring in the first place.

On the 4th June 2015, I took the plunge and opened The Marquise Movement as it is now known. A Strength + Conditioning facility designed especially for women. I know first-hand how daunting it can be to get started or feel inadequate about exercise. Taking this step was the most challenging thing I have done in my life. I am not the fittest or strongest women around. I am someone who is on the journey with you. Literally beside you. I strive to be the most skilful + compassionate coach to each and every women who walks through the doors. After all that’s what made the difference for me and I have never looked back.


“I love being the owner + creator of all things MARQUISE. I love being a business women, a personal trainer, a coach, a mentor, a leader and fellow lover of exercise but most of all I love being satisfied that I am doing my bit to help other women find the same love for moving their body that I did”


Taryn ||  Coach

I have been a part of The Marquise Movement group for just over 18 months now. 6 years ago I found a love for strength + conditioning training and I am so passionate to pass this onto our Marquise ladies.  I joined a local gym where my  brother trained in this new + exciting way. Thanks to him I have never looked back.

I now have the opportunity to train and compete weekly along side my brother, mother and partner. The fact that I can do something I love, with my loved ones in a group setting makes my love for the sport even stronger.

I enjoy every day training and also competing at a high level. Chances are you will see me around at many of our local comps. I believe there is always something to improve on, practising and perfecting skills and movements myself everyday.

I am passionate about helping others reach their goals, whilst keeping a close eye on our ladies technique to help them improve and move better everyday.

Abbey ||  Coach

I have been training at Marquise with Chelsea since the age of 16 and have been nothing but inspired and motivated every day by beautiful, supportive women. Since training at Marquise, I have witnessed so many women achieve things they never imagined doing as well as seeing myself accomplish things I had never thought to try.

As a result of this I pursued my childhood dream of becoming a Coach. When i left school i went on to complete my studies in Certificate IV in Fitness and am a certified CF-L1.

My goal as one of the coaches at Marquise is to empower women to embrace exercise and functional training in their every day life, while being surrounded by the culture and community Marquise has created.

I am dedicated to working hard to help every member achieve their goals and am so excited for future of the women who are yet to become a part of our community.